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An underground art movement from the 1970s, Lowbrow Art—also known as pop surrealism—is usually associated with comic books, various types of music, hot-rod street culture, and other expressions of popular culture. Because of a lack of academic / critical scholarly writing has grown from inside the movement, not much critical work has been published outside the movement, either.

Thanks to artists who celebrate a conversation distinguishing between high and low art, fine art and folk art, and popular culture and high-art culture, lowbrow continues to gain ground—even if underground.

We have learned that foundries are often associated with fine art, and therefore bronze is often considered “out of reach” of those with a sense of humor, or a wish to create artwork that is accessible to everyone.

At Black Hills Bronze, we believe that Lowbrow does not in any way suggest low quality, and as usual, we want art to go exactly where art needs to be. In that spirit, we are thrilled to do our first job for a self-described Lowbrow artist—CHET ZAR. Check out our post here, view our Zar page at Black Hills Bronze, or have a gander at Chet’s own site.

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