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About the Team

The team is a group of artists, designers, sculptors, writers, photographers, artisans, volunteers, collectors, and advocates who  spend their time on worthwhile creative projects. Here’s who we are:

Kristin Donnan Standard: writer, editor, foundry and magazine owner, arts organizations board member, and new social media convertee.

Black Hills Bronze

Grant Standard: sculptor, metal finisher, philosopher.

Grant chasing a bronze dinosaur skull named Stan.

Joe Kittel: bronze foundry wax specialist, sculptor, resculptor, passionate fisherman, and Phyllis’s husband.

Phyllis Kittel: foundry wax department tech, mold maker, mother hen.

Richard Weathers: burgeoning metal technician, carpenter.

Ethan Clemens: metal department all-around technician.

Thai McFalls: “The Shell Dude,” wax department trainee.

Art of the Hills magazine

Ray Berberich: creative director, graphic designer, environmental design / wayfinding specialist.

Jessica Simons: lay-out guru, photographer, level head.

South Dakotans for the Arts

South Dakotans for the Arts is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation whose primary purpose is to advance the arts in South Dakota through service, education and advocacy. The Partnership includes : South Dakotans for the Arts (SoDA); South Dakota Alliance for Arts Education (SDAAE); and Community Arts Network of South Dakota (CAN). These three statewide organizations share programs, members, offices and staff. The Partnership formed in 1990, and was initiated by South Dakotans for the Arts, which serves as fiscal agent for programs and memberships.

Pat Boyd, Executive Director: the one who keeps us apprised of education, health, partnerships, advocacy, and more.

Shair Kosel: Program Director, comic relief.

Sue Stone-Douglas: Member Services, sanity.

Hill City Arts Council

The Hill City Arts Council’s work is never-ending. As an all-volunteer organization, in a small community with a huge reputation for arts, culture, and service, its mission is: To enrich the cultural life of the area by nurturing and supporting excellence in the arts and humanities, and by providing opportunities for area citizens, students and visitors to experience art in its myriad forms.

Our list of board members is found on our website, which is under revision. We’ll post a link soon.

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