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Welcome to Bronze Standard(s)

It’s a new day. It’s a time when we all must think more creatively, think collaboratively, and consider ways in which the arts can allow us to reach out.

We’ll do it with the help of Bronze Standard(s), a name that means considering what is important and reaching for it. Bronze Standard(s) means working in metals, with a connection to the earth. Bronze Standard(s) means the Standard family—along with the family that has gathered around the Black Hills Bronze fine art foundry, the artwork of Standard Metalworks, Art of the Hills magazine, and local and statewide arts organizations.

Let’s start a conversation that covers everything from the Creative Economy, to worthwhile projects, to sustainability, to providing service in health, education, and through partnerships.

Let’s start gathering our resources, creating something with our hands and minds—and thereby creating a better world.


Art in Healthcare

Hunkayapi by Dale Lamphere

Art Makes us Well

Statistics show that Art in healthcare facilities improves the healing time and general health of patients — not to mention the quality of job experience for healthcare workers. Black Hills Bronze is creating an outreach program to hospitals across the country to assist them in efficiently and cost-effectively creating bronze artwork for public display. Check in often on this, because we assume this will be a great forum for like-minded donors to assist in great projects!